Annual Walk Run and Ride

The purpose of our Annual Walk, Run & Ride against Drugs, Violence & Abuse Among Our Youth is to bring awareness and take a stand against three issues that plaque our youth and hinder there future.

Drugs are a serious problem in all of our communities.  If you think you’re community does not have a drug problem, you are sadly mistaken.  Some areas just have this problem in a different manner.  Maybe your community has a parent who is suffering from a drug addiction.  Maybe your community has successful business men or women who experiment with drugs in a casual manner.  Maybe you have children in your community who are beginning to experiment with drugs.  Maybe a drug dealer lives in your community or perhaps you have young boys and girls who move the drugs for those kingpins who you never see.  Regardless of which scenario you fit into, as long as drugs exist, there is a problem.  The problem won’t stop until we eliminate the training, exposure and attraction of this up and coming generation.

Violence is everywhere.  Even in the most elite areas, violence can happen.  Our young people are killing each other daily.  This problem has to stop!  Someone has to stand and claim “no more!”  Why not you?

Abuse has many disguises.  Child abuse, sexual molestation, teen date rape & bullying “just to name a few.”

Come Join Us Each Year!

1st Saturday in August, Renziehausen Park
5K walk through McKeesport, Pa
5K Run Through McKeesport, Pa
or Motorcycle Ride Through the Mon Valley of Western PA with us beginning and ending in McKeesport.